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ZBrush. Projects

Creating a realtime portrait for cinematic.

This course is intended to teach how to create realistic character likeness portrait for real-time render. Ivailo Ivanov is the mentor of this course. He will guide you through journey to improve your 3D Character skills.

This course will cover many aspects of sculpting, with the main focus on crucial stages and key details which help to make 3d model realistic and achieve likeness. You will learn a complete pipeline of character creation using wide range of tools like Pixilogic ZBrush, Sudstance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag and more.
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work by Ivailo Ivanov
  • Start:
    December 10, 2020
  • Duration:
    15 weeks
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This course is useful for:

  • 01
    3D Modeler

    Experience with 3D modeling software.

  • 02
    3D Character Artist

    Who wants to learn how to make likeness of characters.

  • 03
    CG enthusiast

    Who is passionate about practicing his hard / soft skills.

What will you get?

  • 01
    Actual pipeline

    On creating realistic cinematic-quality models for real-time rendering in game engines.

  • 02
    Feedback from the mentor

    Feedback from the mentor of the artist throughout the course and analysis of the diploma.

  • 03
    Level up your portfolio

    Character likeness for portfolio.


Online workshop. Language: English.

Lecture recording will be available to students just after the lesson. You can also look through the lectures any time you need during the course and after training.

Start: December 10, 2020/ 19.00 (UTC+2)
  • Thu
    19:00 – 22:00

This course will include:

– Practical workshops – Mentor`s feedback – Project work

  • About course:

    11 lectures / 30 hours

    You will learn a pipeline for creating realistic 3d characters for real-time render. Achieving likeness in real-time models is a key feature of the mentor of this course. You will understand characters face anatomy and sculpt your favorite actor`s 3d model, texture it and make its real-time render in Marmoset Toolbag.

    Several lectures will be devoted to real-time eye adjustments using Texturing.XYZ, secondary shapes and texturing.

    What are key topics the course will cover?
    • pipeline of 3d character modeling for real-time;
    • how to achieve character`s likeness;
    • realistic eye setup for real-time;
    • texturing and hair creation.
Course programme:

Unit 1

December 10 0. Facial sculpting for game engines introduction. How to achieve likeness.
– This lesson will be free for people.
December 17 1. Skull and anatomy of the head overview. Adjusting big forms, achieving likeness.
December 23 2. Secondary forms.
NY 2 weeks break

Unit 2

January 14 3. Finalizing the likeness – Retopology and Unwrap. How to use Zwrap.
January 21 4. Skin Detalimg, introducing Texturing.XYZ
January 28 5. Texturing process. Baking, painting and detailing in Substance Painter.
February 04 6. Realistic Eye setup for real-time.
1 week break
February 18 7. Hair creation for real-time in Blender.
February 25 8. Finalizing Bust. Clothing and accessories. Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag.
1 week break for diploma
March 11 9.1 Feedback session 1. Halfway to Diplomas. 1,5 hr.
March 18 9.2 Feedback session 2. Graduations. 1,5 hr.
  • pixologic
  • substance
  • Marmoset

Ivailo Ivanov is Character Artist from Bulgaria. He knows how to achieve maximum portrait likeness in realtime games. Over the years in the industry, he has developed the ability to notice the amazing anatomical features of characters` faces and convey them in his work. He has worked primarily in the gaming industry from indie to AAA. Ivailo has collaborated with Actalogic,, Orcari Games and others.

course tutor

Ivailo Ivanov


Tutor`s projects: